Milk is a nutritious dairy liquid with a wide availability for private labeling by professional milk producers. This dairy product is one of the most frequently purchased and consumed products. Milk represents a massive potential for the private label market.

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Private label milk

Private and white label milk products can be very profitable and show great potential in further development and growth of the industry on the market. Private label milk products accounts for some 70% of all market shares of milk products in retail establishments and stores. Because of the widespread distribution and demand for milk products there are many high quality professional private label manufacturers that provide the best products for their customers. The dairy industry has benefited greatly thanks to the overwhelming success and popularity of private label milk and dairy products.  

Biggest contributors to the milk and dairy industry

The majority of the world’s milk consumers come from Europe. Usually, it is the Scandinavian countries that rank the highest, but in 2018 it was Belarus and Ukraine. Unlike the USA, Europe has a very small percentage of lactose intolerant people which has resulted in a larger consumption of milk and dairy products. The most popular and accessible type of milk is cow’s milk and in 2019 most of it was produced by Europe and United States, mainly California and Wisconsin. The biggest consumers of cow’s milk in 2019 were the EU, the United States, India, China, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Australia, Argentina and South Korea. However India has the biggest impact on the global milk and dairy market, having the largest milk production and being the leading exporter of skimmed milk powder. The industry is constantly growing and creates opportunities for private label manufacturers to capitalize on it.

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