Pet food is essential for the well-being and long lasting life for our little furry friends. Pet food is full of variety and is widely available in stores. Pet food has developed and innovated over the times, because animals just like pet-owners don’t want to settle for low-quality foods. Taking care of animals means providing them with healthy and quality food products. Your private label can do just that.

Animal food and pet food industry

Pet food is widely available and in high demand. The market for pet food and animal foodd is very extensive and constantly growing. Most pet food products are available in all sorts of grocery stores, supermarkets and establishments catering specifically to pets. Some human foods can be toxic for pets, and that is why pet-owners will not settle for just any kind of foods and expect the best assortments from the pet food category. If you want to launch your private label you need to pay attention to the development on the market

Variety and categories

The pet-food industry is rapidly growing and always innovating and developing. Clients want transparency, quality production, premium and healthy products. The pet-owners are seeking healthy and transparent brands. There are different types of pet foods in this category. Common pet foods are catered towards different animals such as cat food, dog food, fish food, bird food and cattle food. Cat food is usually made from meats like poultry, beef and fish. Dog food is often made from meat, bones or they can be plant-based. These two types of pet foods can be dry, wet or raw. Bird food is nuts, seeds and dried fruits. For fish the most common are fish flakes.

Our categories for Pet food or Animal food include product categories like Bird food, Cat & Dog food, Cattle food, Fish food, and Rodent food. If your product doesn’t fit into the aforementioned categories, this category ‘Other’ is the one you need. Your private label product can be unique and individual, innovative and new to the market or industry, and you can present those products in this category for Animal food ‘Other’.

The private label manufacturers

Private label manufacturing companies offer their clients the best possible services and assistance when it comes to pet foods. Clients wish for transparency, quality production, premium ingredients and health-aware products. The pet-owner audience wants the best for their pets and they are leaning towards a healthy and transparent brands. There have been issues with low-quality pet foods in the past that caused health problems for pets and the environment. With a private label manufacturing partner, you can make sure that your product will be of premium quality and will not harm animals.

A manufacturing company has an entire team dedicated to research and quality production. Find your best pet food manufacturer and product that will be safe for an animal companion on our website once you register

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