Hair Colouring & Permanents

Hair colouring & Permanents

Hair Colouring & Permanents

Hair colouring & Permanents

The practice of hair dyeing and coloring is extremely popular especially today. Mainly used for cosmetic and fashion purposes. Make your private label something innovative and quality so that you grow a loyal audience that will trust in your brand of hair dye products.

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Hair colouring & Permanents

The growing market for hair dye

Hair coloring or dye is a practice that is remarkably popular today. The global hair dye market is very extensive and rapidly growing. The market has extended throughout the world and is only reaping the profits. These products are very popular and widely used across the globe. The growth and innovation of this market are increasing rapidly. The industry has consistently witnessed new development and innovation of the products. Private label has been very successful and profitable in this industry. Following the trends and developments of the market is very important for private labels. Your private label can offer distinct, individual, and innovative products because, the private label offers you full control over the development, design, and formula of your hair coloring product. Manufacturing companies with private labeling services offer you a wide assortment of products and are willing to develop a new type of hair dye product.

The types of techniques and uses

The practice of hair coloring, or hair dyeing, involves changing the color of one’s hair. The technique is mainly cosmetic and fashionable. It can be done professionally by a hairdresser in an establishment, or at home. The practice is extremely popular today. There are different application trends for hair colors and dye. Differently applied hair dye or color can include techniques like highlighting, lowlighting, splash lighting. These can be distinguished as off-scalp application and on-scalp application. Off-scalp techniques are Foiling, Cap, Balayage, Dipping, or tip dying. On-scalp coloring includes Root touch-ups, All-over coloring, Block coloring. Dyeing often includes bleaching hair to lighten it for better color application. Classifications for dyeing hair include common types like permanent hair dye, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, temporary color, and alternative color. Newer types of hair dyes include essential oils (almond, olive, flower, avocado, argan), and other organic products. They often come packaged with hair masks to preserve the health of the hair after dyeing.

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