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Everybody associates gum with convenient, chewy, refreshing and tasty product. Chewing gum is a small, compact product that is often mixed with various flavors. They are widely available in almost any store in the world. For consumers who are leaning more towards convenience nowadays, gum is the perfect product. Establishing a private label in a widely available market like chewing gum is a smart move.

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The chewing gum industry

The chewing gum industry is vast and extensive, the demand and supply is extremely high and the product can be found all over the world, it is not slowing down and only witnessing further growth. Plenty of stores, like grocery and convenience stores, supermarkets and other places offer a wide assortment of chewing gum products. The chewing gum market is led by big-name brands that make up most of the market shares. However, in recent decades, with the growing popularity of private label products the market share could see a change. Consumers are leaning towards private label products more and more, creating competition with the national brands. This market is truly big and only expanding with time. Private label has a big chance and opportunity here to develop and flourish.

The product description and variety

Chewing gum is a soft, cohesive substance designed in order to be chewed without being swallowed. Its texture is rubbery and the characteristics are sticky, chewy. Chewing gum can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, big or small. They can be differentiated by the bubble form or the sugar / sugarless composition. Gum can be in three forms like tablets, coated pellets, and sticks / slabs. Bubble gum typically come as tablets, hollow balls, and cubes or chunks. Pellet gum is pillow shaped that are almost always coated. Packaging can be boxes, bottles or blister packs. The coating allows for the multiple flavor sensations. Cube or chunk gums are called cut and wrap gums. Common taste of chewing gum is a minty and fresh taste. They can be very varied in flavor.

The manufacturing

Chewing gum is often composed of gum base, sweeteners, softeners / plasticizers, flavors, colors, and coating. The production, in the private label market, is usually handled by the manufacturing company which offers private labeling services. Manufacturers promise the best quality and the best value production and products to their private label clients. The packaging and marketability are very important for the products success. You can rely on a professional manufacturer to offer you a distinct type of packaging you desire and the best marketability.

Chewing gum has existed for a very long time and it was loved and consumed throughout the history. They are widely consumed all over the world. The industry is very successful and extensive. Your private label can offer something new and innovative to the industry.

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