Rice comes as a whole grain and starch, a staple in cooking and culinary arts that one should always possess in their kitchen. It is a blank addition to any sort of dish, and can be paired with any flavor. It serves as a great side dish and a source of carbohydrates. It is affordable, nutritious and edible with a great variety of foods.

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Private label rice

The private labeling of products like rice includes a decision of creating a specific and distinct quality product that can successfully compete with established brands. Innovation and quality are always needed in order to compete and satisfy the demands of the customers. In traditional, cultural dishes and diets of certain regions rice is a staple ingredient in the kitchen and this creates an opportunity for private label brands to market and advertise their products to certain demographics. A skilled and professional manufacturer is what a retailer and client needs, with an experience of creating your quality rice product.  

Biggest contributors to the market and industry of rice

Rice is either a cereal or a whole grain. It plays a big part in most of the world’s food, especially in certain regional cultural dishes like Asia and Africa. In 2018, China was the leading producer of paddy rice, followed by India. Other producers were Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam. Among the main players in the rice trade worldwide are developing countries. It is mostly countries like Thailand, Vietnam, China, the US, and India which produce and supply rice to the rest of the world. Major importers are Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brazil. Even though, China and India produce rice the most, they don't export the most. In some parts of the world rice production includes state involvement.

Variety of the product and benefits of private labeling

In private labeling manufacturers are responsible for the harvest, cultivation and processing of rice. Types of rice are differentiated as long, medium and short, as well as brown and white rice. Common types of rice are arborio rice, basmati rice, black rice, jasmine rice, brown rice, red cargo rice, parboiled rice, sticky rice. Private label brands take care of the advertisement, packaging and distribution of the products and therefore your brand can focus on other projects. Through innovative packaging and labeling your brand can attract the attention of the consumers and private label companies offer great insight on the newest trends and consumer needs, allowing you to keep up and cater to your customers.

Since rice is a staple in cooking all over the globe and a commodity it is no wonder that private and white label manufacturers have invested in this field of industry. The growth of the market size and the popularity of private labeling is a great chance for retailers to place their brands on the market and compete with established national brands

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