Pickles are juicy, sour, and delicious. They can be served as a side to other foods and they add a lot of delicious flavors. You can find tasty, quality pickles packaged in jars and sold on the shelves of grocery stores or supermarkets.

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The market for pickle products

There are various types of pickled products that are available for purchase. You can find pickled fruits or vegetables, or even seafood, in stores. However, the most popular pickle products are pickled cucumbers or pickled cabbage / sauerkraut. They are available in jar packaging or sack packaging in the retail market. There are widely available in many forms and types in all kinds of stores like grocery stores or supermarkets. Plenty of known brands in the retail market are selling these types of pickled products. The industry and market are vast and expanding, it is a perfect opportunity for private labels to arise. Your private label pickles can compete with established national brands with their high quality and value. You can offer the best private label pickled products that are affordable for the consumers.

Description of the product

Pickle products are made through the process of pickling. The products used for pickling vegetables are usually, fruits, or seafood. The process of pickling and fermentation of food products is usually done to enhance and extend their shelf-life and preservation. Food is pickled through anaerobic fermentation in brine or immersion in vinegar. Other than fish, vegetables, and fruits, food that is often pickled are eggs and dairy products. Common foods that are pickled, are sauerkraut and Korean kimchi. These foods represent an important addition to cultural and traditional dishes and cuisines. Often pickled products have other antimicrobial herbs and spices added to them and then packaged, such herbs and spices are mustard seed, garlic, cinnamon, or cloves.

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