Meat (shelf-stable)

Meat (shelf-stable)

Meat (shelf-stable)

Meat (shelf-stable)

Most diets and cuisines in the world involve meat products in some way. The omnivorous diet is the most present diet globally. That means, both vegetables and meat products are being a vital part of our daily diet. Such an example of a convenient, delicious and highly nutritious meat products are Dried shelf-stable meat products. They are widely available and purchased because they are simple, tasty and yet so affordable.

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Meat (shelf-stable)

Shelf-stable meat market

The category of meat products is pretty extensive. When one wishes to start their own private label there is plenty of different types of meat products to choose from. Shelf-stable meat is widely available for purchase in most retail markets and other establishments. Consumers seem to flock towards them and because, as previously mentioned, they are very affordable and delicious. Shelf stable meat products are what consumers want and need. There are plenty of big-name brands out there offering high quality meats which are greatly consumed and purchased in stores throughout the whole world. Your private label can present big competition to the established brands, if you bring high quality and yet affordability to the consumers.

Product variety and description

The meat products that can be stored at a room temperature on the store shelves without the risk of spoilage are called shelf stable meat products. These products include canned meats (ham, tuna, chicken), jerky, dry sausages, snack sticks, summer sausage and freeze-dried meat. These products are extremely popular because they do not rely on refrigeration to be preserved and they can't be easily spoiled. They are often used for camping, hunting and fishing trips and other activities. They are very popular because of their convenience. Many can be stored indefinitely without the risk of spoilage as long as the packaging is not opened. However, the quality may change over time but these shelf stable meat products offer consumers convenience and easier storage.

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