Pizza & Savoury Pie


Pizza & Savoury Pie


Every list of the most popular foods in the world contains pizza as their number one.

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Pizza & Savoury pie

Private label pizza

To create your own branded pizza, finding a manufacturer that is going to take care of the producing, packaging and shipping is crucial step in engaging in private label business and retailing the product under your brand. Regardless of creating a new brand, or owning an already established company, private labeled frozen pizza is prevalently consumed all over the globe. Frozen pizza can be sold in supermarkets or to fast food joints, making it available to consumers worldwide. That creates a vast potential of commercial profit. Establishing a specific image and individual, unique style that the market hasn't seen yet with your own brand, while offering high quality product will attract many new buyers and create long lasting and loyal relationships with customers. Consumers today are looking for a food product that will not take much time and effort to prepare at home, while retaining the taste of freshly oven baked pizza. More private brands are focusing on developing a more healthy variations, using non-GMO ingredients and offering gluten free pizzas.

The popularity of pizza

Dishes similar to pizza have been around since Neolithic age, but modern pizza as we know it today, originated from flat bread dish from Naples, Italy in 18th and 19th century. The Italian immigrants that came to America in the late 19th century brought their culinary heritage with them as well, and opened first pizzeria in New York City's Little Italy in 1905. It is not a surprise that a simple yet brilliant dish like the pizza gained so much popularity in the USA and worldwide, with many consumers naming it the best dish in the world.

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