Retailers are making an effort to move private-label meats away from its old reputation of being lesser-quality products that are emulating their national brand counterparts. Premium quality is no longer an exclusivity of established national brands.

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Private label meat

Retailers across the retail market are establishing their advantages to keep customers engaged. Leading meat departments have become destinations for consumers. Retailers with well-established meat departments are using these products as individual differentiating factors to drive growth across their entire stores. There is a further rise in the premium quality of private label products, specifically health, health-aware, wellness, and vegan food which are driving consumer demand. Private label products with production origin labels, like organic or locally produced, are responding well to consumer demand with lower-cost premium products. The convenience sector is seeing the most growth overall. So, private label products like processed meat and cold cuts are very successful. Private label processed meat products is lower-cost and ready to cook and hence, convenient. The prominence of private label will have a positive impact on the market and contribute to the growth of the global meat market.

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