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Ice cream is an integral part of many diets in certain cultures and thus is widely available for purchase in all parts of the world. One of its advantages is that it can be easily mass-produced. Private label and white label is very successful and promising in the market of ice cream sales.

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Private label ice cream

Ice cream is very versatile and can be made with plenty of different flavors and ingredients. There are also dairy-free options for ice cream products. Dairy alternatives to regular cow milk is goat's or sheep's milk. Then the dairy-free milk substitutes like soy, cashew, coconut, almond milk or tofu. These options are more available for those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to dairy protein, or vegan, because there is a bigger demand for such products now. Ice cream can be served with other desserts, such as apple pie, or can be mixed with in ice cream floats, sundaes, milkshakes and ice cream cakes. You can make pre-packaged ice cream that can be very customizable and mixed with all sorts of flavors. The packages can be very appealing and eye-catching. Ice cream is widely available in all supermarkets and grocery stores. It can also be sold in carts or vans, as well as ice cream shops, smaller stores or milk bars. Ice cream can be purchased in large or small cartons, or cardboard and thermoformed plastic trays. More popular now are the PET packaging material.

The manufacturing processes

The manufacturing process includes a certain process and steps to producing ice cream. First, the ingredients are selected based on the desired formulation and the recipe and then they get blended together to produce the ice cream mix. Then, the mixture is pasteurized, and after pasteurization, the mix is homogenized, which forms the fat emulsion. Then the mixture is aged. Once the mix is drawn into a flavor tank that is when the flavors, fruit purees, or colors are added. The dynamic freezing process freezes a portion of the water and whips air into the frozen mix. The ice cream is packaged and is placed into a blast freezer.

Consumption rates worldwide

Consumption of ice cream is high worldwide. For instance, New Zealand leads the world in ice cream consumption. Australia is also high, usually ranking in the third place. The US is also extremely high in the ranking, throughout time and globally, but often places second behind New Zealand. Europe in general is also a big consumer of ice cream products. In the continent, Scandinavian countries mostly rank the highest, especially Finland. In a 2020 study, Belgium ranked in the first place of ice cream consumption in all of Europe. Consumption of ice cream is also seeing a rise within Indian, Chinese and Brazilian markets. Being that ice cream is widely consumed and a big part in some cultures, it is great opportunity for private or white label to emerge in this market very successfully. Retailers and manufacturers can work together to develop a special and individual type of product to introduce them to this highly competitive market. We can assist you in discovering the best private or white labeling manufacturer that will help you find the perfect ice cream product that you need.


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