Cold Cuts


Cold Cuts


Processed food is consumed all around the world, and the private label shares of meat products have been on a steady rise. Deli meat consumption has gone up amid COVID-19. Cold cuts or deli meat sales have been off the charts compared to previous years. Private label cold cuts provide the consumer with great quality and affordability which often establishes a loyal consumer audience.

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Cold cuts

Private label cold cuts

Lunch meats are also known as cold cuts, luncheon meats, or deli meats. As deli meat consumption has been growing and the private label has been gaining notoriety and demand, processed private label meat products are a growing and developing field to focus on. The global food industry has responded well towards private brand pre-packaged meat products. A rising number of manufacturers that specialize in meat production have private label services. These manufacturers offer a wide assortment of quality meat products like deli meat or cold cuts. There is now an increase in demand for convenient and pre-packaged food like cold cuts. The increasing urbanization is creating such a high demand for ready-to-go pre-packaged foods that are convenient. Private and white label cold cuts can perform well in this high demand industry. There is now a rise in preference for nutrient rich and healthy food and a higher demand for gluten-free cold cuts. Your private label can deliver a specific and innovative meat product that will meet the new demands of the consumers.

Product description and packaging

Pre-packaged meat products like deli meat or cold cuts can come in many types. The varieties of deli meat can be categorized based on the animal from which the product comes from. Cold cuts can be turkey, beef, pork, chicken meat, and can also include sausages. They are pre-sliced and pre-packed which are then sold in grocery stores. These types of meats are usually packaged in vacuum packs, but can also be packaged in tin cans and plastic containers. With private label products the manufacturers would take care of packaging and they usually offer different varieties of these packages. Cold cuts are a quick and snack-like product that is very convenient and can also be healthy and tasty. Consumers are now more interested in pre-packaged, grab-and-go deli meats. The overall deli meat sales are going toward fresh-cut and pre-sliced. Especially during a pandemic. Overall, the highest-ranking countries that consume the most meat in the world are usually the US, Australia, Argentina, and China.

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