With a private label water bottle, a client or retailer can present their own individual image and look for their business. Private label bottled after is pretty popular among consumers and it can deliver a very hydrating and quality product. A personalized bottle of water can represent a company or a business, reflect the image, and elevate your brand.

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Private label bottled water

The private labeling of water is becoming a more popular practice nowadays. Water can be packaged in custom bottles with a custom logo and brand. The objective of private brand water is premium, customized quality bottled water that displays excellence that won’t be matched by national brands. A professional team to design a specific and desired look with customizable labels to represent their clients is often provided by manufacturers. It assures individuality and uniqueness packaged together with quality and cut costs. They are very popular because of their variety and customizability. In the US in 2016., among private label ready-to-drink beverages, bottled still water ranks the highest. The market shares for the private label are standing at their highest ever internationally and especially with bottled water. Quality standards and assistance is sought-after and needed by clients and retailers when it comes to the desired manufacturer.

Consumption and sales

Bottled water is drinking water that is packaged in bottles that are either from plastic or glass. Bottled water can be still water or carbonated, and it can be composed and mixed with flavor. Water is very neutral and very customizable to add a specific taste or flavor. Water in bottles is widely and globally consumed. The sales of bottled water globally are extremely high and it is only seeing further growth. Also, the production and sale of bottled water are highly regulated in some areas. It is very marketable and easily commercialized. Consumption is high in countries with a problematic water supply and where bottled water is mixed with special properties like minerals. The recent growth has been fueled by a pervasive trend towards health and wellness across many countries. In 2018, Mexico and Thailand had the highest per capita consumption of bottled water worldwide, coming in second place was Italy.

Manufacturing private label bottled water