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Tea is one of the most enjoyed beverages in the world thanks to its health benefits, unique aromas, flavors and tastes. Instant tea is becoming more globally accepted over the traditional tea because it saves time and resources in the preparation process. 

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Private label market and tea industry

Private label instant tea is very prevalent and widely consumed internationally. Preparation of instant tea is less expensive, faster and more convenient, so therefore demand is steadily rising. Preference for ready-made food & beverages is on the rise and it is expected to drive the market. Growing instant beverage market is expected to remain a key driving element for global market augment.  
The switch in trend towards instant tea in emerging economies is expected to further increase market growth. Increasing demand for private label instant green & herbal tea products due to rising health awareness is anticipated to further advance market growth. For many consumers, price plays an important role in making a decision about purchase, and private label instant tea retailers are able to offer competitive price and therefore achieve more success in sales than international brands. 

Product variety and health benefits

It is consumed in vast quantities because of its unique aroma, flavors and taste. Even though the demand for tea in Asia and Europe have been considerably massive traditionally, instant tea has also continued to gain an equal market share among the new tea drinkers in the non-tea drinking countries. Individuals worldwide are accepting instant tea over the traditional one as it is helping them to save time and resources in preparing the traditionally brewed tea. Green tea has many health benefits such as antioxidants, reducing cancer cells, headaches, and helps in fat reduction, which opens the doors of approaching health-oriented customers. 

Private label benefits and what it offers

Private label or white label instant tea is produced and packaged by one company, and then sold at wholesale prices to the client. The clients company then sells the tea under their own brand name. The customer could be a tea shop, restaurant, spa, a gourmet food store or even individuals who want to have private label tea as party favor gift for their wedding. Businesses and individuals who use private labeling can utilize the expertise of the private label manufacturer and be guided by trends and their knowledge of bestsellers, instead of having to resort to trial and error over time. The advantage of using private label to the client is that they do not have the need to invest large sums of money importing and stocking numerous teas, flavors, and ingredients that would be necessary if they were to do their own producing and packaging. Private label done by manufacturing company enables the brand owner to be focused on sales and marketing without having to worry about the time-consuming manufacturing process and delivery. Overall, a client can save time and money by using a private label manufacturer. 

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