How To Source Private Label Products

You give us your product details, We will find the right manufacture for you


First, we gather product details like packaging, quantity, requested certificates, price indication, etc., then we match you with those looking to buy, or those who can supply! We host manufacturers and customers alike to create a perfect, private label partnership!

How Effective Are We??

Private Label Portal is the brainchild of a well-established private label products manufacturer, and the minds behind it have drawn from their own practical experience and expertise to create a tool, from the ground up, to help manufacturers effectively increase sales in the most efficient way possible.

Since our launch last year, we've already fostered hundreds of matches between distributors and manufacturers, and expect to see even more as new private label businesses continue to join our Private Label Portal.

Be a part of the growing manufacturer and customer community, and find your perfect match!

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Facts & Figures

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    Customer leads

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    Successful Matchmaking

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Private Label Products

Private Label Solution For Customers

Whether you have a large, internationally recognized and sold product line that has to be matched, or you are a start-up looking to grow your own brand, 3B Private Label Portal can help facilitate established and new private label ventures by helping businesses find the right manufacturing partners. Our leading-edge, well thought-out and carefully executed matching process ensures that customers are matched with only those manufacturers that we can fulfil all their product and other business requirements.

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Private Label Solution For Manufacturers

As an addition to all the existing sales channels, the 3B Private Label Portal provides manufacturers a sure-fire sales channel to find new customers. The online marketing and sales activities that form the core of our service offer an extremely cost effective way to develop a sales pipeline, while our matching algorithms increase the likelihood of a perfect match.

Our detailed lead attributes also enable you as a manufacturer to judge if a lead suits you and your capabilities in no time.

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Why We Exist

Sourcing and maximizing capacity, all while keeping up with constantly changing private label industry trends, is daunting work for retail businesses, distributors and manufacturers alike. That’s where we come in to lend a helping hand!

From sourcing to communications, from lead qualification and facilitating collaboration, the Private Label Portal was designed to maximize efficiency when building partnerships between private label businesses.

What We Offer

3B Private Label Portal offers an agile tool for finding the perfect private label partner - be it manufacturer or customer.?

We collect the most vital information about a private label operation or project like prices, quantities, certificates, and geographical locations.

With that information, we help our customers match with their perfect partner by performing in-depth lead qualification, and fostering an official collaboration between the two parties. In a similar vein, we are able to attract new customers with product needs and requirements directly in line with manufacturers’ unique capabilities.

In addition, we provide further exposure with online marketing channels like social media and search engines at a fraction of the cost of internal, or third-party marketing services.

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