Jars can be made from different materials such as glass and plastic jars. They may come in sizes from 15ml (small) to 500ml (large) and can be ordered in different colors and styles. Jars are used in industries such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical and many more. Products that can be packaged in jars include creams, spices, sauces, vitamins, lotions etc. 

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Jar containers usage

Creating packaging that stands out on the retail shelves is an essential asset that helps differentiate private brand product from the competition. Packaging services offers a wide range of glass and plastic jars. They may come in sizes from 15ml (small) to 500ml (large) and can be ordered in different colors and styles. The usage of jars, whether plastic or glass, is immensely wide across industries such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical. They are used for a range of applications such as creams, lotions, spices, sauces, honey, vitamin tablets and even candles. As part of packaging combination, contracted packing companies will also offer a large selection of lids that can be ordered to compliment the jars.  

Biodegradable and sustainable jars

With many consumers being concerned about environmental issues brings new demands from such consumers. Brands they will give their trust to must meet high standards, not only with product quality but with biodegradable and sustainable packaging. If you launch a product that markets sustainability, selecting the right material is crucial for success. Eco-friendly materials can be used to create high-quality packaging for both solid and liquid substances. The use of these materials is a great strategy to support the global agenda in decreasing plastic waste. Co-packing companies are innovators in sustainable packaging. Their teams of experienced professionals research design techniques to reduce the use of packaging materials. They also use strategic manufacturing locations to reduce carbon footprint by being as close as possible to the delivering locations. Sustainable oriented contracted packing companies will reduce the use of plastics in the design phase and decrease carbon footprints in packaging supply chains. 

Partner with the right co-packing company

Retailers and new entrepreneurs can now safely depend on professional partners who will take care of the manufacturing, producing and packaging of their private label product. Establishing a private label product together with a manufacturing partner is quick and easy. If you seek for the best manufacturer who will help you co-package your distinct product, find the best ones on our website once you register. Co-packing is prevalent in many industries, from cosmetics, cleaning products to food and pharmaceuticals. It is an excellent opportunity for increased profits, decreased competition, and many other advantages such as higher profit margins, lower cost of operations, better brand loyalty and greater market stability.

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