There are many types of boxes which can be co-packaged by your partnered manufacturer. Folding boxes, slim boxes which are perfect for smaller items, rigid boxes for larger items, mailers or shipping boxes and many more. Boxes can also be customized with size, image, design, text, color and many more variables. 

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Co-packing benefits

Packaging represents the entire brand. It informs the buyer about the product but also associates the product as being part of the brand, so product and brand needed to be tied together on the product packaging. When partnering up with co-packing company, their team of experts will present you innovative ideas for professional packaging solutions. They will gladly accompany you from the idea of ​​the perfectly packaged product.  
Today, product packaging design is a lot more than a simple cardboard box, as it is a powerful marketing channel, a facet that can give the professional image and uniqueness to the brand. With many consumers having environmental concerns, co-packing industry is shifting and innovating new solutions for eco-friendly packaging. Nowadays, plant-based materials are used as the basis of many product packaging solutions. With many parts of the world now banning single-use plastics, the industry will only continue to innovate. This presents large opportunities for brands that prioritize the environment in the way that they operate. 

Creating custom co-packed boxes

Creating custom boxes has never been easier. On our website you can find vast numbers of reliable contracts packing companies that offer various co-packing services. A client can choose between variety of boxes, such as folding box, a slim box that is perfect for showcasing smaller items, a rigid box that is a bit bigger and it is an elegant solution to packing, or mailer and shipping boxes. It is possible to select a size, quantity and start designing. Depending on the brand requirement and brand image, text, color or images may be added. As the design process is going on, it is possible to see an instant quote so final order is exact. Co-packing companies are global leaders in logistic industry, so they have fast turnarounds and orders may be shipped within 10 days or less, and even faster with rush delivery. 

Partner with reliable co-packing company

The most important partnership in creating your own private label brand is with manufacturing and co-packing company. Our search engine offers a wide variety of professional and experienced private label manufacturing and co-packing companies that will take care of production, packaging and delivering your desired products in a timely manner. Reliable manufacturing company will take care of creating, testing, implementing and distributing unique and personalized brand packaging for you. By developing a unique and professional package, you can differentiate yourself from other international brands available on the market, which helps to build a unique brand.  

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