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Cat and dog food is animal feed intended for consumption by your pets. Cat and dog food is most commonly found as two types, kibble / dry or canned food. These products are sold in many supermarkets and most specifically pet stores.

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Cat and dog food market and consumer preference

Cat and dog pet owners only want the best for their little companions, seeking out the best, premium quality food and snacks is expected to be. Owning pets such as cats and dogs has been popular in many cultures across the globe for centuries but in recent years it seems that family households and single person households have seen an increase in cat and dog adoptions. This has resulted in an increased demand for pet food products and since owners are humanizing pets more and more, only the best and premium quality food is being fed to them. Another great driving factor of the market is health-oriented pet diets, focusing mostly on dry organic and natural pet foods with minimized additives. This market shows great potential for the private label businesses since consumers want transparency with their manufacturers and products that they buy.

Product type and health benefits

Cat and dog food is most commonly found as two types, kibble / dry or canned food. Dry food is by far the most economical type of cat and dog food, it has a long shelf life and doesn't require refrigeration.
Dry food is also very beneficial and healthy for cats and dogs since it keeps the pets teeth healthy and clean and due to the crunchy texture it helps reduce tartar buildup. The convenience, long shelf life and economical benefits of dry food is positively influencing overall pet food market and is currently the leading product. Canned food or wet food also provides benefits such as long shelf life and it is highly accessible in supermarkets and other retail establishments but it can be more costly compared to dry food. Canned cat and dog food provides a lot of proteins, healthy fats and it is low in carbohydrates. Since it is wet food it is easy to digest and therefore it can be better for really young or very old cats and dogs.

Private label services

Private label cat and dog food manufacturers primary focus is the quality of ingredients that go into the products. Since consumers want health aware products private labeling can provide such products for your brand and cater to the consumer demands and needs. Knowing the market and what it has to offer can greatly influence the success of your brand. Marketing your products to specific demographics and consumers will boost the sales and all advertisement, production and distribution is done by your private label manufacturer. Innovative and eye-catching packaging is what attract customers, private label companies know the recent consumer trends and understand how to showcase your products and help your brand compete on the market with established national brands.

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