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As SARS - CoV - 2 rages on, with new mutations making a "return to normalcy" increasingly difficult and distant, the global market for disinfectants and personal protection equipment is still expanding as the demand for PPE continues to far exceed supply. Make a sizable stride towards entering this growing market but signing up on Private Label Portal, and finding the right virus protection products manufacturer.

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Things to consider before you source your Private Label Masks and Disinfectants

The customers should ask themselves the following four crucial questions before they make any purchasing / sourcing decision - 1. Would the chosen manufacturer (which will probably be from the Far East) be capable of producing the products that meet your local, and / or yours target market's health and safety, and quality standards? 2. Getting to grips with the potential complexities and problems that the customers can be faced with when sourcing masks and other PPE from several OEM suppliers. 3. Do have enough manpower that can focus all of their time and energy on managing the private label mask and disinfectant manufacturers? And 4. Do you have a watertight, incontestable private label strategy in place, and could it be feasible from a commercial perspective?

Top Ten Personal Protection Equipment Recommendations by the WHO

While sourcing your PPE, the customers should fully take into account the following recommendations put forward by the World Health Organization to prevent virus exposure among health workers to make sure that they have covered all the bases: 1. The mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth , and nose should be completely covered by PPE, 2. Use either a face shield or goggles, 3. Use a fluid-resistant medical or surgical mask with a structured design that does not collapse against the mouth (eg duckbill or cup shape), 4. Use a fluid-resistant particulate respirator during procedures that generate aerosols of body fluids. 5. Use double gloves, 6. Nitrile gloves are preferred over latex gloves, 7. Use protective bodywear in addition to regular on-duty clothing (eg surgical scrubs), 8. The choice of apron should be, in order of preference: a disposable,

List of questions that you can posit to identify the right mask and disinfectant manufacturer

It is vitally important for any customer to align their requirements with the manufacturer's capacity, and to that end, the customer should try to get detailed answers to the following questions: 1. What is the manufacturing capacity of the manufacturer, and does it have minimum order requirements? 2. What will private labeling cost to me? 3. Does the manufacturer have standard Formulations Available that it can provide you with? 4. Where is the manufacturer located? 5. Will the manufacturer be willing to ship your product to your chosen part of the world? 6. How long does it take for the manufacturer to develop your bespoke product? 7. Does the manufacturer have traditional formulations, or / in addition to more sustainable / eco-friendly formulations? And, 8. Can the customer pay the manufacturer to create a formula for them,

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