Dark, sweet and delicious is the common description for chocolate. Everyone knows about chocolate, whole world consumes it. The history of chocolate is large and rich just like the taste itself. The market for chocolate is on the rise worldwide, and it is not slowing down. Your private label can take advantage of such a rich and growing market.

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The chocolate industry

The chocolate market is wide-ranging and far-reaching. The industry usually includes the shares of milk, white and dark chocolate. The industry is incredibly large and the sales for chocolate products are extremely high. The market is performing really well and is rapidly growing. All the research is expecting growth within the industry, and no foreseeable decline. Seeing as the industry is so vast it is no wonder that competition will arise. Milk is widely available and consumed in the whole world, including white, milk and dark chocolate. They are widely sold and distributed in most stores, grocery and convenience, and supermarkets, as well as other establishments. The market is vast and presents a lot of development, your private label can reach a lot of profit but also face a lot of competition.

The production and variety of the product

All true chocolate products are derived from the cocoa plant seed. Chocolate is prepared through roasted and grounded cacao seeds which are then made in to a liquid, paste, or block. Cacao seeds have an intense bitter taste and must be fermented to develop the flavor. The beans are then dried, cleaned, and roasted, after which the shell is removed producing cocoa nibs, then ground in to cocoa mass. The cocoa mass is liquefied by heating (chocolate liquor). The liquor is cooled and processed into cocoa solids or cocoa butter. There are certain types of chocolate. Baking chocolate, also bitter chocolate, powdered baking cocoa. Milk chocolate is sweet chocolate which includes milk products. White chocolate includes cocoa butter, but no cocoa solids.

Private label potential

Chocolate can be made into desserts, cakes, pudding, mousse, chocolate brownies, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate bars. Many candies have chocolate. Chocolate is also used in cold and hot beverages like hot cocoa. There are many varieties and uses for your private label chocolate product. Your first move in establishing a private label product is find a perfect manufacturing company and partner. They understand the industry and they specialize in production. They can help you with the packaging, distribution and delivery.

Private label can have a strong and successful chance within the chocolate factory. You have various options for private label chocolate products. A manufacturer can offer you a wide assortment of chocolate products to choose from. Good packaging can make your product more marketable.

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