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The small bite-size, convenient and yet delicious snacks are what we call cookies or biscuits. These tasty little treats are available prepackaged in most grocery stores. The biscuit and cookie market is big and profitable, a perfect field for developing a new private label biscuit or cookie product. Cookies can be very customizable for the private label.

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Product industry and market

Cookies and biscuits are small crisp treats made from flour. They are simple and compact, very available for customization and various flavors can be formed. The market for these little treats is extensive and very profitable. These products can be prepackaged and distributed in most retail markets. They are small, compact and convenient, very easy to use and they are sold worldwide. These treats can be bought in bulk in one packaged and are a great binge product. Consumers are buying cookie and biscuit products everywhere, which makes the industry boom all over the world. Consumers love products that are convenient and that one can binge on, and they are super delicious and flavorful. A private label brand can develop a new and innovative product to this market, providing great quality yet affordability. With such an easily marketable and profitable product, private label has a big opportunity for development here.

Product description and variety

Cookies or biscuits are a baked or cooked food, typically small, flat and sweet. Mostly, they contain flour, sugar and oil or fat. They can include ingredients like raisins, oats, chocolate chips, nuts. Often times, crunchy cookies are called biscuits and chewier biscuits are called cookies. Some get their names by their shape, like date squares or bars. Cookies can be served with beverages like milk, coffee or tea. Commercial and factory-made products, biscuits and cookies, are mostly sold in grocery stores, convenience stores and vending machines. Ones that are freshly baked are sold at bakeries or coffeehouses. Common types of biscuits or cookies are bar cookies (brownies), drop cookies, filled cookies, molded cookies, no-bake cookies, pressed cookies, refrigerator cookies, rolled cookies (gingerbread), sandwich cookies (Oreos). There are also vegan type cookies.

Private label services

There are plenty of professional and skilled manufacturers that specialize in the production of cookies and biscuits, that also offer private labeling services. If you wish to start your own private label brand, start with finding the best manufacturing partner. A manufacturer will help you understand the market better, and will offer you the various assortments of cookies and biscuit products they have available.

The market for biscuits and cookies is vast and expandable, the possibilities for your private label cookies are endless. You have the ability to create your own distinct flavor and distribute the product under your individual design and label.

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