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Superfoods derived their name from the fact that these foods are considered especially healthy with many benefits and remarkable nutrient density. In short, they have super health benefits and therefore are called superfoods. They are foods which should be essential and an important part of all of our diets. They are in high demand among health-conscious consumers.

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The consumer demand for superfoods

Superfoods are foods or products which promise a lot of health benefits and nutritional value. Superfoods have increased in consumption and market shares. The new demands and developments in the food market are healthy, transparent, organically-grown, and nutrient-rich products. Consumers are more health-conscious and demand more transparency for their food products. The new diet fad or trends are superfoods. They sell everywhere in high amounts. These products, because of their perceived health benefits, are quite expensive. With a private label you can offer all these categories of healthy, nutrient-rich and organically-grown products that would be affordable to the consumer.

Product category description

Superfoods are usually plant-based foods but they can also be certain fish and dairy. They are thought to be nutritionally dense and thus good for one's health. Some of the most mentioned 'superfoods' are blueberries, salmon, kale and acai. Superfoods is not an official food category, so there is no official categorization of foods considered as superfoods. Superfruits are considered as a subset of superfoods, first coined in 2004. The superfood products contain a variety of nutrients, like antioxidants. They have healthy fats, fiber, and phytochemicals, all considered to have crucial health benefits.

Private label manufacturer

The wide variety of products that are part of the 'superfood' category are very nutritious and consumed worldwide. You can find a specific manufacturer that specializes with a certain food that is part of this category. The manufacturers that are skilled and specialized in a production of your desired product offer you the possibility for private labeling of their offer products. The manufacturer can help you understand the market along the way, and you can learn the new innovations and developments that are happening. Once you understand what is marketable and what is in high demand, you can then choose what superfood you wish to distribute under your own private label.

Superfoods are trending around the world and so is health food in general. With a skilled and experienced manufacturer, you can observe the production and are promised high-value products from their assortments. With your private label you can offer the health-conscious consumer everything that they want in the market.

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