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A tasty and delicious food which you can spread onto usually plain foods like bread or crackers. They are a perfect addition to snacks. Spreads and pates are such versatile foods, with any kind of taste and flavor that one can wish for. These products add so much flavor to foods and compliment the meals. One cannot pass on having some sort of spread or pate in their home.

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Private label potential

For a product so versatile and necessary, creating your own private label is a smart and exciting move. The private market now is vast and so many more manufacturing companies are on the rise. There are all kinds of options awaiting in the private labeling market. Manufacturers have extensive options of assortments to help you pick the best product that you wish will represent you.

Product variety and description

Pates and spreads are a type of food that is in a paste form. They are made to add or enhance the flavor of other foods. They are specifically made to be added to or onto other foods. They can be tasty, delicious and nutritious, and can add all the flavor you want onto a blank canvas food like bread or crackers. Basic and common spreads can be made from fruits, vegetables, meat, chocolate and various other products. Spreads can be made from cheese as well. A common type of spreads all over the world are hazelnut spread (Nutella), peanut butter, nut butters, jams or jelly from fruit, marmalade, vegemite, marmite, Ajvar, and so many more.Pates are just like spreads, but are usually specifically made from animal ground meat products like fish, pork, beef, turkey and poultry. It can typically be mixed with herbs, spices or vegetables. They are versatile just like other spreads and you can customize the flavor with these additions of spices and other products. The most famous type is the pâté de foie gras, made from goose liver. Different types of pate depend on the source of animal meats and additives like herbs and spices.

Private label services

To start your own private label spread you can now contact plenty of available manufacturers that are experienced and offer you the best quality. Since these products are so versatile, they are customizable as well. Create a label that represents you and your unique taste. With a manufacturer you can learn what is new and developing among the consumer demand. You can establish the best quality and delicious, healthy product that will compete with established brands and give the consumers what they want.

Private label, as well as white label, is a rapidly growing market with so much opportunity. Private label, especially, will provide you with plenty of options and opportunities when it comes to special, individual and tasty spread products.

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