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When it comes to foods small, bite-size, crunchy and sweet is what we think of snacks. They are small, nutritious and delicious, to satisfy your cravings in between bigger meals. Everybody enjoys snacks from crackers, biscuits and chocolate every once in a while.

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Private label opportunities and possibilities

Don't just settle for any affordable sweets you see on the shelves or vending machines; the private label market offers you the possibility of establishing your own unique taste and product. People are used to eating to pass the time, and consumer wants quick and convenient meals, which is exactly what you get from snacks. Snacks are presented in all kinds of stores and establishments. With your private label snack, you are capable of bringing something new and innovative to the market. In recent years private labeling has achieved an increase in overall quality and consumers are shifting more towards private label products. Private label, as a rapidly growing market, has presented a great opportunity to jump on board of developing your own style of snack.

Product variety and types

Delicious sweet flavor, sugar or chocolate, satisfying and enjoyable is all what makes a snack sweet. Sweet snacks have a sweet and sugary taste, mostly because of the added sweeteners and sugar content. Snacks are basic, simple and quick, you can buy them in most stores and establishments or make them quick at home. What we can differentiate within the category of sweet snacks is confectionery, cookies, candies and pastries. Some sweet snacks also belong in the confectionery category of food for their high sugar content. Products like brittle, bubble, chewing gum, candy, chocolate bars, truffles, fudge, brownies, jelly, marshmallows, marzipan, nougat, panforte, pudding, Rice Krispie treats, s'mores, toffee, Turkish delight are all common confectionery sweet snack products. Common cookie snacks are chocolate chip cookies, graham crackers, ginger snaps, oatmeal cookies, peanut butter cookies. Types of cake snacks are Jaffa cakes, snack cake, gransito. Pastries as snacks include donuts, churros, cream puff, scones, toaster pastry, fruit bun, fairy bread, muffins and plenty of other snacks made of dough. There are now more healthy options available for sweet snacks.

Manufacturer services and packaging

Today, manufacturers offer so many different assortments, and there are plenty of manufacturing companies out there, to choose from. The packaging of snacks can be just as versatile as the entire product category. A manufacturing company can help you out choose the best design and style for your product, one that will stand out among consumers.

Private labels are jumping on the trend of establishing new private label sweet snack products. A manufacturer, of your choice, can help you produce your product and work together with you to discover what the new demands and developments of the market are which will lead your product to a success.

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