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Private or white label meat replacements can find a lot of success in the market with the right idea and a professional manufacturer. Manufacturers can help a client or retailer to understand the ever-changing market and consumer demand, like vegan, vegetarian, and health food.

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Private label meat replacements

Meat replacements are increasing in demand among consumers in most of the world. Plenty of national brands have incorporated these meat replacers for sale since an increase in consumption. Private labels are developing the same products for production and sale. Developing new private-label brands gives consumers more choices and promote private-label meat replacements. Improving the market and exploring new private-label options is a strategy for growing plant-based sales. Retailers and manufacturers are developing new and more-in-demand met products to drive growth. There is a further rise in the premium quality of private label products, specifically health, health-aware, wellness, and vegan food which are driving consumer demand. Private label products with production origin labels, like organic or locally produced, are responding well to consumer demand with lower-cost premium products.

Consumption and growing popularity

The meat-free market is growing exponentially and sales of meat substitutes are rising in Europe, and especially Germany. Germany has one of the largest populations that consume a vegan or vegetarian diet in Europe. Some German meat companies are leading the innovation and new product development for meat substitutes that are marketed towards the general public rather than vegetarians. The ever-growing popularity of health and vegan food has impelled manufacturers to develop imitation meat, meat that is plant-based. Private labels are targeting healthier food. Consumers are focusing on healthy food and demanding more transparency about their foods, so the retailers are providing nutritional information for private-label foods to help consumers. Cashing in on rising demand for imitation meat, major retailers began to sell plant-based burgers and sausages.

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