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Dairy-free products are big in the consumer market since there is now a growing demand for healthy food. Private label dairy-free products also jump on the same fad while it promises success among customers. Dairy-free products allow the consumer to enjoy the delicious taste of a dairy product but avoid the actual dairy ingredients.

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Private label dairy-free product

Most manufacturers that provide dairy products for private labeling now also offer dairy-free because of their high demand among consumers. The popularity of healthy and free-from products is increasing all over the world. Consumers are more aware of their health and their health conditions that need specific nutrients and avoid other harmful ingredients. Dairy-free is highly popular now and private-label production and sale of dairy-free products is a developing and successful field. Private and white labels are now jumping on the ever-growing trend of dairy-free products. It is highly successful and in high demand among consumers all over the world. A private label dairy-free product can deliver the consumer a great quality and affordable product with premium, healthy, and organic ingredients. The dairy-free private label product can perfectly imitate the delicious taste of a dairy product but avoid the dairy ingredients that a specific consumer audience chooses to avoid. These products fare well among the health-conscious consumers and the lactose-intolerant. Your private label can provide the consumers with a well-needed and in-demand dairy-free and healthy product that they need.

The description and variety of products

Dairy-free products can be defined as products that are free from milk-based ingredients. What can be considered as milk ingredient is lactose, milk fat, whey, and casein, but not eggs. Dairy-free or non-dairy products are various, like butter, milk, spreads, cheese, chocolates, and confectionery products, ice cream, and plenty of others. Butter can be substituted with vegetable or plant-based oil. Cheese products dairy ingredients can be substituted with plant ingredients. Chocolate can be healthy dark chocolate with high cocoa bean percentage without dairy ingredients. Dairy-free chocolate is highly popular among consumers. Cream and creamers for coffee can also be dairy-free products. Ice cream is one of the most popular dairy substitute products in the dairy-free market. Milk can come in various types that are dairy-free like oat milk, coconut milk, soymilk, almond milk, and more. Then there is also yogurt, which is also highly popular in the dairy-free industry.

The popularity of the products

The free-from products like dairy-free are most predominant in Europe and North America. The free-from are products that don’t include ingredients that a growing number of consumers wish to avoid like dairy, gluten, artificial sweeteners. In Europe, the highest consumer of dairy-free diet is Sweden higher than the European average. In Germany, the total retail sales of dairy-free products are increasing. They are popular in the European and North American markets. They are gradually developing a stronghold in the Asia-Pacific. The private label market can foresee a lot of success and growth in the dairy-free market.

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