Yoghurt is a fermented liquid which is really healthy, nutritious, and commonly consumed worldwide. Commercial yogurt can be packaged in various ways and sold under a label. They can be sold and purchased in almost all grocery stores or supermarkets across the world.

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Private label yoghurt

You can find all the varieties of the product packaged in various types on the shelves of every grocery store. Store-bought yogurt comes in many varieties. Just like milk, yogurt has been sold and consumed worldwide. They are easy-to-consume and convenient while also being very healthy which is why they sell well in convenience stores. There are big-name brands of yogurt filling up most of the shelves in grocery stores, however, private labels can now offer the best quality, ingredients and affordability and compete with nationally established brands. They are no longer just a copycat, low-cost product. They can offer what consumers need or might not have. It is an open field for innovation, high value, and lower cost.

Product description and variety

Yoghurt is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. It is a rich source of vitamin B12 and riboflavin, protein, phosphorus, and selenium. It is filled with protein, probiotics, and calcium, it can help aid digestion. Yogurt is a popular food product that was introduced centuries ago. Extensive research has been done to understand and improve the texture, taste, and health properties of yoghurt. Yoghurt consumption is associated with a lot of health benefits including improved intestinal health and immune system. The advances and innovations in the product development of yoghurt have maintained the interest of consumers. There are now multiple varieties of yoghurts available on the market, with a high demand for this product. Common types of yoghurt are plain set yoghurt, flavored, Greek, frozen, and drinking yoghurt.

Manufacturing process

The process of yoghurt production includes several steps like the adjustment of milk composition & blend ingredients, pasteurization of milk, homogenization, cooling of milk, mixing with started cultures, holding and cooling of milk, optional step of added flavors or fruits, and the final step is packaging. In the private label industry manufacturing companies take over the responsibility of production and offer the best and professional manufacturing services. At the end of the production process, the product can be packaged in a certain way the client desires. Once the production and packaging are done, you can create your own design or get help from the company's design team to create and stamp your own private label.

The yogurt industry is very extensive and the products are widely consumed and sold across the globe. The industry isn't witnessing any decline and its future is very promising with an expected rise over the years. It would be a smart move to invest and establish a private label brand of yoghurt products by partnering with the right manufacturing company.

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