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We the 3B private-label-portal GmbH, are the technology solutions division of 3B Consulting GmbH & Co. KG. We are specialists of a carefully designed web portal, the 3B Private Label Portal.

The 3B Private Label Portal brings together private label Manufacturers and Customers from around the world to enable invaluable collaborations and long-term business partnerships. To pave the way for efficient collaboration and increase business agility, Customers and Manufacturers from all parts of the world who produce and sell a variety of products can register with our Private Label Portal: https://private-label-portal.com/

The 3B Private Label Portal is designed for Manufacturers, Customers and Commercial Agents alike.

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Simplify your search for Private Label Manufacturers, reduce your search time & enjoy the support of the 3B Private Label Portal. Online through our portal and offline through our experienced Commercial Agents.

Register now: private-label-portal.com/auth/registration


Participate as a Manufacturer in our unique Private Label Portal.

Enjoy the advantages of a 3B Private Label Manufacturer and become part of our uge network and the great product selection.

Commercial Agent

As a Commercial Agent you will enjoy various advantages of an international portal and team with our 3B Private Label Portal.

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3B Private Label Portal has an efficient customer and manufacturer network around the world.

Our Private Label Portal stands for reliability and transparency at all locations worldwide.

Learn more about our locations and become part of the 3B Private Label Portal team.

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German startup 3B Solutions GmbH launches the Private Label Portal to bring together manufacturers and customers from around the world.

Tech-solutions innovator 3B introduces an all-encompassing manufacturer-customer collaboration tool

Andernach, RP, June 15th, 2021 - 3B Solution GmbH, the technology solutions division of 3B Consulting GmbH & CoKG, announces the launch of Private Label Portal, the painstakingly designed and thought-out, leading edge, first-of-its-kind web portal which brings together Private Label manufacturers and customers from across the globe to effectuate efficient communication, invaluable collaborations and long-lasting business partnerships between them.

Private Label Portal is the brainchild of Mr. Marc Buchholz, a serial entrepreneur with a decade and a half worth of experience in the manufacturing industry and private label market. With his ear to the ground and finger on the pulse, he saw the need and demand for this invaluable service conspicuous in its absence in the Private Label market, and after eight months of development and fine-tuning, has announced the launch of this comprehensive, intuitive and easy-to-use online tool.

Private Label brands accounts for nearly or over 50% of the market share in increasing number of countries, like Germany, Spain, the UK, among others – as dollar sale of Private Label brands continue to outperform national brand sales, registering yearly growth of 5.8%, compared to 1.5% for national brands, over the past decade. More and more retailers are banking heavily on developing or expanding their Private Label product portfolio to meet increasing demand, net higher (over 30%) provide margins and bolster customer loyalty. Retailers are not only having to react and adapt to the burgeoning demand for Private Label goods, but they also must keep pace with the recent developments and trends spanning retail channels and global markets. A recent study showed that 93% of global customers press for concerted efforts from brands to support ESG causes, the market for plant-based meat alternatives is expected to reach $10 billion by 2022 in the US alone, there has been a sizable shift towards “premiumization” of Private Label goods to compete with national brands – retailers, burdened by cumbersome and outmoded manufacturer-customer communication and collaboration processes are finding it hard to adjust to these newfangled market trends, and need to find ways to scout and partner up with Manufacturer in a more efficient and agile manner.

To smooth the way for efficacious collaborations and increase business agility, customers and manufacturers alike from every part of the world, making and selling a wide variety of products, can sign up on the Private Label Portal, (for a limited period, benefit from the introductory discounts,), enter and define important details their general attributes, production capacity, product requirements and specify their inquiry, and let the team of seasoned industry professionals at 3B take care of the rest. The Private Label Portal team will use all the different marketing and sales channels at their disposal to match customers and manufacturers with the right partners.

To find out more about Private Label Portal, visit: private-label-portal.com

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