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Opportunities for private labeling are only growing. Shops, supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, cafés, and other establishments are ready to sell your unique smoothie or fruit juice product. Fruit juices under the private label bring refreshing, healthy, and tasty products that consumers love.

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Private label fruit juices & smoothies

Consumers today are looking for natural and healthy beverages that aren’t produced with artificial ingredients but blended from naturally grown fruit juice. Private label fruit juice or smoothies are prevalent and consumed worldwide. That creates an extensive field of commercial opportunities. Creating your own brand includes finding a manufacturer that will take care of the production, packaging, and delivery of your fruit juice product. Then the client sells that product under their own label. You can establish a specific image and individual style, that the market hasn’t seen yet, with your own brand. More private brands are focusing on developing a natural or organic drink. Partnering with a fruit juice manufacturer allows a client to discover the innovations and developments in the market. It can help promote and sell your products and to create a specialized and unique product with a new brand. Private labels can help entrepreneurs and established brands who want to try something different in the same market.

Consumption and nutritional value

Statistically, the consumption of fruit juices worldwide is extremely high. The largest consumers are New Zealand and Colombia. Reports have stated that fruit juice consumption overall in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the US is increasing. Fruit juice or smoothies are often consumed for their perceived health benefits. Some orange juices have natural or added vitamin C, folic acid, and potassium. Smoothies or juices can provide needed nutrients like carotenoids, polyphenols, and vitamin C. Many of the vitamins come from lemonade, or other citrus fruits, orange juice, grape juice, and pineapple or apple juice. High amounts of added sugar may be linked to weight gain. More clients and consumers are opting for and seeking healthier products. Which leaves a bigger platform for developing new and individual products to cater to these specific audiences.

Product manufacturers

Clients who wish to create a specialized and individual brand for themselves seek the best and most professional manufacturers of their desired product. When turning towards a manufacturer a client can be assured that the production, packaging, and delivery will be handled by that company. The client can find various successful and professional manufacturers that produce fruit juices because fruit juice or smoothies are widely demanded. There is a wide place for developing a private label when it comes to such a widely consumed and demanded product like fruit juice. Private label fruit juice or smoothies are prevalent and consumed worldwide. Whether you want a white label or private label, a unique brand can create more opportunities to distribute to certain establishments. On our website, you can search for products of wide varieties open for private labeling.

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