Developing trends and distinct products at a cut cost are drawing in more retailers to turn towards private labels to appeal to more customers. Premium and high-quality production of cocoa products is no longer an exclusivity of national premium brands.

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Private label cocoa

The new rise in private label confectionery section and specifically chocolate production has pushed many cocoa producers to take the opportunity to expand their assortments and market. Producers in cocoa-producing countries are noticing new developments and opportunities in the mass retail market. Now they are presenting the availability of their premium quality cocoa drinks to expand into the private label market. A better understanding and exploration of this market is essential to be able to target the right customer for your cocoa beans so that you can create a distinguished brand. Supermarkets and retailers now increasingly offer high-quality for private brands which create higher demand. The market shares for the private or white label are standing at their highest ever internationally. Even though the confectionery market is not seeing a big demand, the most growth and demand is seen in chocolate and cocoa.

Variety and composition of the product

Hot cocoa is consumed throughout the world and comes in multiple variations. Prepared cocoa can be purchased from cafeterias, restaurants, coffeehouses, and teahouses. Powdered cocoa mixes or instant hot cocoa, that are prepared by adding boiling water or milk, are sold mostly at grocery stores and online. Ready-to-drink cocoa beverages are also available at grocery stores or online, and prevalent and widely available for private labeling. Negative effects that can stem from hot cocoa are usually associated with a high content of sugar, hydrogenated oils, or fats. However, some research has noted that cocoa can be positive for health, like with the flavonoids found in cocoa that makes up hot chocolate have a positive effect on arterial health.

Private labeling and retail market

Altering and evolving consumer demand is driving retailers to innovate and adapt their private label products and assortments to meet these demands. This new demand is noted among chocolate products and supermarket chocolate brand sales are increasing in Europe. These new emerging brands are becoming more innovative and popular. It is catching the interest of exporters and manufacturers of cocoa, and they are now targeting the European market. Private label cocoa products in supermarkets are increasing. A private brand cocoa beverage can have a more unique look that is more marketable. Companies that produce cocoa present a variety of private label services that provide for the specific needs of the customer and retailer. The requests of the clients for a distinctive product, packaging, and delivery are a manufacturer's target objective. Here we provide a service on our site for product information for manufacturing that the manufacturers are offering.

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