Ready to drink (Alcopops)

Read-to-use (RTU) or when referring to beverages ready-to-drink (RTD), is a category of beverages that usually entails packaged and already prepared beverages. Such drinks are mixed and prepared which are then sold as ready for consumption.

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Private label Ready-to-use drinks

Since alcohol overall usually performs well in the private label market, ready-to-drink alcohol is an important factor in this business to focus on. RTD beverages perform great in the private labeling market, so we can assume that alcoholic beverages of this kind can generate a lot of success and profit. When you want to create your own private brand of alcohol RTD beverages can be the best option for the most ability for an individual and unique brand. RTD beverages are very customizable, from the image and look all the way to their various mixes of taste. There is a big and developing market for the private labeling of Ready-to-use drinks. They are very versatile and customizable, as well as eye-catching, unique, and sough-after. The private label market can offer a great opportunity for a new individual and a unique private brand drink of this kind. Whether it is for a manufacturer or a retailer, these types of drinks can generate a lot of profit. Creating your own private label RTU drink can be very exciting and promising.

Product types

Popular RTD beverages are often alcoholic, they are also called Alcopops. Ready-to-use alcoholic beverages or alcopops are ready-made and mixed alcoholic drinks. Often these drinks entail cocktails and cocktail mixes, as well as carbonated alcoholic drinks. They come packaged in bottles or cans. They are prepared by mixing alcoholic beverages with fruit juices, soft drinks, or energy drinks. These beverages can be based on different types of spirits and liquors, such as vodka-based or rum-based. They tend to be sweet and served in small bottles and usually contain a small amount of alcohol. In the United States, the most popular types are un-hopped beers. Such flavored beers are sometimes mixed with other alcoholic liquids like liquors. Stronger pre-mixed cocktails that have a larger amount of alcohol are usually sold and stored among hard liquors. There are multiple types of RTD beverages that have alcohol, such are malt drinks or beers with added flavor, often fruits; drinks containing wine and added flavors such as fruits; drinks with distilled alcohol or liquor with added flavors often fruits.

Manufacturing and packaging

More manufacturing companies are hopping on the growing trend of private label alcoholic drinks. RTD drinks are growing in success and popularity. Manufacturers who sell most other alcoholic private label drinks are adapting the new Ready-to-use alcoholic beverages. They are very customizable and allow a bigger field of experimental, unique, and individual styles. The packaging of RTU drinks is often very noticeable and eye-catching. These types of drinks often come in smaller glass bottles or cans. There is a lot of available customization to the look and image of the private brand RTU drinks. Various available looks of the package can be designed to offer a better individual look that is desired by someone who wishes to create their own private brand RTU beverage.

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